BTTDM ZS donation Page
Welcome to the ZS refresh page. You may only refresh once per 30 days. but heres what you get for a 5$ donation. Only people that are already Vip 4 are elegible for a refresh.

Refresh pack

If you donate $5.00 USD (United States Dollars) to ZS, you will get a refresh pack.


  • 100,000 XP added in your account.
  • - +50 cookies added in your account.
  • <


In order to speed up the donation process, once you have donated, Please send BlackTurbo an email message at and include the following:

  • Unique pay-pal transaction ID you received with your donation?
  • The player name that you use on ZS
Send Mail

If you don't send me an email, it takes longer to track you down to find out this information. Keep in mind donations may take up to 12 hours to recieve perks, as donations are only handled between 10am to 10 PM eastern standard time (Iam human like you and have to sleep too), that is timezone of Miami, Florida,USA.


Please convert your money to USD (United States Dollars) so the server gets the specified amount when donating. There will be more ways to donate in the future. People who donate must still follow the server rules and are still able to be demoted. No refunds if the server rules are not followed and you get demoted. Basic VIP rules are found below at the link.

Click here to read basic VIP rules!